BMWED/Amtrak NEC Agreement


(a) All positions and vacancies will be advertised within thirty days previous to or within five days following the dates they occur, except that temporary vacancies need not be advertised until the expiration of thirty days from the dates they occur.

(b) Advertisements will show whether the positions or vacancies are of a permanent or temporary nature, and will be posted for a period of seven days at the headquarters of the gangs in the sub-department of employees entitled to consideration in filling the positions, during which time an employee may file his application. Advertisements shall be posted on Monday and shall close at 5:00 PM on the following Monday. Bids which are postmarked or received anytime during the application period will be considered.

(c) Application for new position or vacancy advertised under this Rule 3 must be prepared on Bid Form with receipt attached thereto, properly filled out, and filed with the official whose name appears on the advertisement, who will detach receipt, sign, and return same to the applicant.

(d) Awards will be made and bulletin announcing the name of the successful applicant will be posted within ten (10) days after the close of the advertisement. The ten (10) days may be extended by an equal number of work days when any of the nationally observed holidays enumerated in Rule 48 fall within the normal work week of the involved assignment office. This rule shall not be construed so as to require the placing of employees on their awarded positions when properly qualified employees are not available at the time to fill their places, but physical transfers must be made within ten days.

(e) An employee awarded a position who would establish seniority in the classification as a result of the award may only bid to equal or higher rated positions for the ninety (90) days from the effective date of the award. An employee displaced, abolished or disqualified from such position may exercise his rights as outlined in Rule 18 without loss of seniority except as provided in Rule 6. However, in the event an employee bids a lower rated position during this ninety (90) day period he/she will forfeit seniority in that higher class.

(f) An advertisement may be canceled within seven (7) days from the date advertisement is posted.

(g) An employee who desires to withdraw his bid or application for an advertised position or vacancy must file his request in writing, with the official whose name appears on the advertisement within seven (7) days from the date the advertisement is posted.

(h) Nothing in these rules prohibits the Management from employing mechanics and according them seniority when there are no helpers qualified as mechanics.

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