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March 24, 2019
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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Amtrak's Safety Culture
Updated On: Feb 25, 2018

"An Injury to One Is An Injury To All"


of the

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division

of the

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

to the

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

and its effect on the

Amtrak Maintenance of Way Worker


Safe working Conditions

An Injury to One Is An Injury To All

The BMWED has extensive experience with Amtrak on the issues that drive Amtrak's safety culture. It is our members and Amtrak's customers who pay with our lives, and life changing injuries, when Amtrak management ignores their obligations to operate a safe railroad. Hopefully, with your help we can reverse the downward spiral on safety that began with the Boardman administration. Under Joe Boardman the Amtrak safety program was characterized by corruption, chaos and incompetence that wiped out the gains in safety made by his predecessors who worked jointly with the BMWED on this issue.

An Injury to One Is An Injury To Allry To All

Continue reading this report to the House T&I Committee beginning with General Chairman Dodd's February 15, 2018, letter linked below along with supporting attachments, all which support that Amtrak management does not consider Safety as the First Importance in the Discharge of Duty.

An Injury to One Is An Injury To All

February 15, 2018 General Chairman Dodd's letter and report to House T&I Committee leaders
Attachment A Amtrak Engineering Safety Statistics
Attachment B Amtrak Engineering Department Fatalities
Attachment C Amtrak Engineering Department No Fault Close Call Reporting Policy
Attachment D Amtrak Terminates Safety Agreements with BMWED
Attachment E Amtrak Office of Inspector General; Safety and Security
Attachment F Close Calls and the Need to Reform to Prevent Tragedy
Attachment G Amtrak's Cardinal Rules Program, Amtrak Spreads the Fear
Attachment H "For Big Railroads, a Carload of Whistleblower Complaints"
Attachment I General Chairman Dodd's letter to BMWED re: Chester Accident, and Joey Boardman's letter to Amtrak's Union employees
Attachment J Jan. 9, 2017 letter from Engineering Unions describing current state of safety
Attachment K June 6 and 17, 2016 letters to Amtrak Board of Directors requesting Close Call Policy be Reinstated
Attachment L BMWED March 23, 2017 letter to Wick Moorman
Attachment M House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Letter to Richard Anderson dated January 17, 2018

An Injury to One Is An Injury To Allry To All

An Injury to One Is An Injury To Allry To All

The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the April 3, 2016, derailment of Amtrak train 89 near Chester, Pennsylvania, and the worker fatalities and injuries was caused by deficient safety management across many levels of Amtrak and the resultant lack of a clear, consistent and accepted vision for safety.

“Amtrak’s safety culture is failing, and is primed to fail again, until and unless Amtrak changes the way it practices safety management,” said NTSB Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt. “Investigators found a labor-management relationship so adversarial that safety programs became contentious at the bargaining table, with the unions ultimately refusing to participate.”

The NTSB strongly recommended that Amtrak:

1) Work with labor to achieve full participation in all applicable safety programs. 

2) Work collaboratively with labor to develop and implement a viable safety reporting system (for example, C3RS); ensure that employees do not experience reprisal for using the system; respond quickly on the data collected; and communicate any resulting safety improvements to all employees. 

3) Work collaboratively with labor in an effort to develop a comprehensive safety management system program that complies with pending Federal Railroad Administration regulation Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 270, System Safety Program, and that vitalizes safety goals and programs with executive management accountability; incorporates risk management controls for all operations affecting employees, contractors, and the traveling public; improves continually through safety data monitoring and feedback; and is promoted at all levels of the company. 

4) Once [the previous safety recommendation] is completed, implement the safety management system program throughout the company with resources sufficient to ensure that all levels of management and all labor unions involved with Amtrak operations accept and comply with the system.

An Injury to One Is An Injury To All

An Injury to One Is An Injury To All

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